event Marketing

I work with you closely to develop an event that best serves your business goals. Whether that's launching a new product/service, or if you're just looking for a focus group to sample and provide feedback. I've successfully planned and executed events as small as 30 attendees to over 500 attendees for brands, restaurants, and non-profits. Contact me today and let's get your brand in front of new customers!

social media + Digital strategy

Social media is an ever changing ecosystem that involves having a strong digital strategy as it's backbone. I will show you industry tactics and tools that will help automate your marketing and free your time so you can focus on more important aspects of building your business. One of the first things we will do is perform a social media audit so we can have a clear picture of how your brand is being presented to your audience. Contact me today to learn more!

influencer marketing

I'm one of few active influencers that have played on both sides of the business, as a seller and a buyer. Therefore, I understand both sides of the coin and can help you create a customized influencer marketing program. There are many bots and fake accounts out there pretending to be your next influencer, and I will show you how to maneuver the landscape and save you lots of money and time. Contact me today and let's find the best influencers to represent your brand/business!

BRand presence

Branding is one of the most important elements of your business as it sets you apart from your competitors and keeps you aligned with your mission and goals. According to Business Insider, "If your branding gives you sufficient uniqueness and desirability, you can employ a pricing strategy that optimizes profits." I will help you learn more about yourself, your brand, and audience through strategic consulting and creating a market research plan to help you learn more about our audience. Looking to create a logo and brand guide? I can help you out with that as well! Contact me today and let's chat about your brand!

instagram activation + growth 

I organically grew my Instagram account, Eat.Drink.Dish, to 50,000 in 4 years. I've also helped grow Instagram accounts in the healthcare and meal kit industries by 30-50%, while working as their digital strategist. The social media world is constantly changing and if you don't practice consistency, your brand can easily get lost in the crowd. I will help you activate your account and implement competitive growth strategies to bring your brand in front of the right audience. Contact me today for rates and availability.

Personalized private consulting 

Let's get your business organized! I work best in one-on-one consultations so that I can learn more about you, your goals/dreams, and where I can help you so you can achieve your goals faster. I approach this holistically and act as a stand-in business partner. There is a minimum 3-month agreement at an hourly rate, and you can add any of the other services on this page to be included in your Personalized Private Consulting. Contact me today for a quote!

public speaking + Presentations

I have over 10 years of experience presenting, teaching, and guest speaking in front of large audiences about topics like marketing, social media, nutrition, and branding. I truly enjoy it and love to inspire others to achieve their goals and dreams by talking about my personal experiences and struggles while being an immigrant, a woman, and an entrepreneur. Contact me for rates, and I can't wait to speak to your audience!

If you’re not putting out relevant content in relevant places - you don’t exist.
— Gary Vaynerchuk